Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Some of us say, “Team work makes the dream work,” we must say that is true. With the efforts of our team members and many more, we are accomplishing to finish a project vehicle of our own. As summer rolls around the corner, we are hoping to have the “Grant RZR Build” finished. All the amazing products that are being added to this project, we hope it becomes one of the biggest eye catchers you see.

We can’t forget about our Grant Steering Wheel that is going to make this UTV get bit by the speed bug. There are so many to choose from, we are probably going to end up using one of the “Gripper Series Wheels” that will be coming out soon. The “Gripper Series” offers a diamond textured grip wheel that will help you control your vehicle against anything nature brings your way. This wheel gives you maximum control in rain, snow, cold, heat and makes it the most durable wheel on the market for all drivers. Make your project special just like you!


Gripper Series