Take the Wheel

We all know that style will always come and go when it comes to the fashion world. You are either trending or you’re not. In our automotive world our fashion is for everyone. We make you current, that is with your ride of course.  Find your sense of direction when choosing to drive a Grant Steering Wheel. You can change your wheel to match your favorite color or the time of the season. Make your project special, unique, and different…just like you!

Find your position behind a Grant Wheel and feel confident to take the wheel. With many options to choose from we guarantee you will have a story to tell. There is nothing more personal in a car than a steering wheel. You touch it, see it and interact with it each time you drive. Grant has always offered innovative, fine quality products, distinctive style, solid value and a wide selection of designs to express your individual personality. Make the right choice today, take the wheel.

Unique Grant Wheel

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