February Lovers

Did any of you happen to see any of our steering wheels out at King of Hammers a few weeks ago. We were glad to watch some of our Grant Steering Wheels out in the desert getting the job done. All racers are in control of their vehicle on the track, all you non racers can be too.  Don’t you want to feel in control of your vehicle when you are driving? Well we have a surprise for all you.

As all of you may know spring is right around the corner. You know what that means people cleaning their yards, blooming flowers, beautiful butterflies, people not wearing jackets and huge sales. Every flower blooms in its own way which makes them unique. Did you know that at Grant Products you can customize your steering wheel to make it unique to your vehicle? Vehicle lovers we have just the right Grant Steering Wheel for you. Coming soon will be our New Blue Suede steering wheel, be on the lookout.

Sneak Peak Blue Suede Wheel

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